Creating meaningful connections.

Over 1,350 screens positioned to influence every journey across the BrandSpace shopping centre portfolio.

The SmartScreen Network delivers our vision of meaningful connections between retailers, shoppers and brands.

We started with a clean slate. We built a network that gives brands an entirely new way to reach, engage and convert shoppers.

It’s a network where every single screen offers a powerful point of connection to a large and valuable retail audience.

A network designed to drive brand success at retail.

In 2016 the network expanded for the first time outside of Westfield shopping centres into two of Sydney’s premium retail destinations –  and the network is  the Queen Victoria Building and The Galeries. Click here to find out more.

Recently, the SmartScreen Network has expanded to five Westfield shopping centres across New Zealand.

  • Newmarket
  • Albany
  • Manukau
  • St Lukes
  • Riccarton

Click here to learn more about the introduction of the New Zealand Network.

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Thinner. Sharper. Smarter.

The SmartScreen units are sleek, modern and beautiful – a perfect fit for the premium ambiance of the Westfield retail environment.

Our design team created a bespoke screen like no other. Thinner. Sharper. Smarter.

Inside the unit we have utilised the latest technology, componentry, networks and ad management systems to deliver Australia’s leading retail media network.

It’s a media network ready to deliver the digital opportunities of the 21st Century.

Our SmartScreen locations have been curated, hand-picked and strategically planned.

Collectively, the SmartScreen Network is a powerful, interconnected system – offering access to the full range of shopper journeys that occur within Westfield shopping centres across Australia.

With the SmartScreen Network, marketers can take advantage of the entire network, or just the locations that suit their objectives.

It’s a media placement strategy that only a property owner can devise, create and deliver.

We built the new SmartScreen network on the premise of simplicity and 100% transparency.

For every campaign, clients will know the exact sites they are buying. Transparent reporting will quantify successful campaign delivery.

In addition, each screen is equipped with sensor technology to ensure any obstructions that may impact screen visibility are identified and removed in a timely manner.

We are delivering 100% transparency from planning all the way through to delivery.

Three ways to use.

BrandSpace has built the new SmartScreen Network to help brands address a broad range of marketing objectives. There are three powerful ways to use the SmartScreen Network.

  1. Network offers even distribution of campaign throughout every centre.
  2. Targeted offers more concentrated coverage within centre(s). Weighted distribution deployed across a maximum of three precincts.
  3. Specific offers individual screen selection and enables specific placement within centre(s).