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BrandSpace has a range of high quality media assets that give brands and retailers access to sophisticated retail-out-of-home digital marketing solutions.

Our connected digital screen network is formed by two powerful digital assets, The SuperScreen Network and The SmartScreen Network. They are seamlessly connected with more than 1,300 digital screens in Australia. The connected network gives brands a powerful tool with enhanced targeting capabilities and greater access to deliver powerful and simple retail solutions to the valuable shopper audience at scale.

  • The SuperScreen Network – 43 screens across 17 showcase Westfield shopping centres covering five capital cities. SuperScreens are designed to make a statement. They are bright and bold with full motion video, sound, interactivity, augmented reality and live broadcast capabilities – a blank digital canvas that can stimulate a range of senses for a more complete brand experience.
  • The SmartScreen Network - over 1,350 digital screens in 46 shopping centres across Australia and New Zealand including, 39 Westfield shopping centres.
    • Launched 27 March the SmartScreen Network now has coverage within New Zealand – 175 screens across five powerful Westfield shopping centres.
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    • In 2016, The SmartScreen Network expanded into, the Queen Victoria Building and The Galeries offering unrivalled Sydney CBD retail media coverage.
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Throughout the network each screen is positioned to influence every shopper journey to help create meaningful connections that reach, engage and convert shoppers. Brands can take advantage of the entire network, or target distribution across specific markets, centres or centre precincts to suit their objectives.
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The Season for Retail 2017 has launched
The Season encompasses gifting and the celebration of Christmas, end of year sales, movie releases, holiday entertainment and back to school sales.

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