Strategic Planning

With a range of solutions available, ensuring the appropriate mix of audience, centres, asset, execution and evaluation is critical.

With a portfolio of 48 centres across the Australia and New Zealand, each with their own identity and profile, it is important that BrandSpace offers the appropriate level of support to help plan and execute within this powerful retail environment.

BrandSpace works closely with its clients and brand partners to provide any necessary inputs –  from campaign briefing to final execution and evaluation.

Working with our brand partners, we always seek to add the following value to the campaign planning process:

  • A clear understanding of the task and the role BrandSpace represented shopping centres can play in addressing the task.
  • A clear demonstration of audience potential and alignment.
  • A clear rationale to support the centres, precincts & geographies that are being considered.
  • A clear channel plan, flighting and costing approach.
  • A range of amplification and integration opportunities, if required.
  • An evaluation approach and methodology, if appropriate.

Each of these elements can be informed by our internal research, insight and strategic experience and will be delivered in collaboration with both client and agency teams.

Please contact the Strategy & Insights team for more information on our strategic planning approach.