Campaign Services

Solutions within the retail environment often have multiple elements, often executed across multiple sites – each with their own unique requirements.

BrandSpace offers brands access to a professional campaign management team to remove any concerns around resource, time and knowledge requirements within the client or agency teams.

While many of our partners are equipped to manage these requirements internally, the BrandSpace team is available for clients who required additional support and expertise specific to the retail environment.

This support spans 3 key disciplines:

  1. Campaign concept & design.
  2. Campaign management and production.
  3. Campaign Tracking and evaluation.

To discuss any campaign service requirements, please contact your Sales Representative or the Integration & Sponsorship team.

Campaign Concept & Design

A service aimed at helping clients who want assistance in the conception and designing of a campaign specifically for deployment within the Westfield retail environment.

BrandSpace offers clients conception and design services in the following areas:

  • Custom integration into centre marketing programs, centre services and online platforms.
  • Event, Experiential & Integrated concept design.
  • Digital screen interactivity concept development.
  • Concept illustration/mock ups.

Campaign Management & Production

BrandSpace has an in-house campaign management and production team to support clients in the planning and delivery of campaigns within the Westfield retail environment. This team can work as a standalone unit, or in conjunction with an existing agency team.

BrandSpace offers clients campaign management and production services in the following areas:

  • Production management & logistics.
  • Set design and build, installation and removal.
  • Content development.
  • Campaign budgeting and financial management.
  • Printing, staffing, security.

Campaign Tracking & Evaluation

BrandSpace firmly believes it offers brands a powerful environment to influence a large and valuable shopper audience. And we are increasingly working with our brand partners to demonstrate the effectiveness of the campaigns that are deployed within the Westfield environment.

An evaluation approach is developed in conjunction with a brand, but typically looks to cover one or more of the following metrics:

  • Campaign metrics.
  • Brand metrics.
  • Retailer metrics.
  • Sales metrics.